The BEST Smartphones of 2021!

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Welcome to my Top 22 Best smartphones as of mid 2021 - including Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi, OPPO, Vivo and more! Limited Time Offer: Go to and enter promo code BOSS for 83% off and 3 months free!

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Mrwhosetheboss 24 ditë më parë
I had a few comments on the last "Best smartphones" video that the structure was a bit complicated, so I've found a way to simplify it here - do you prefer this countdown format? 🤔 To see my full review of the Zenfone 8: For the craziest Inventions:
YOUNG INDIAN 13 ditë më parë
Where is f**King iqoo 7
Steven1 Godfrey
Steven1 Godfrey 13 ditë më parë
Joseph. reyes from new joke 2
Joseph. reyes from new joke 2 20 ditë më parë
12:41 stop showing me this I'm jealous cause ik I can't afford an iPhone for a long time
lee_ 9229
lee_ 9229 23 ditë më parë
Bro what about Xiaomi mi 11x 5g
Sina Bashirinejad
Sina Bashirinejad 23 ditë më parë
I just wished you would have considered mi11 lite 5g
Top Chicks
Top Chicks 3 orë më parë
3.3 milion views in just 3 weeks is this eminem? :))) and 18min of video :/
karlis muzika robinsons
karlis muzika robinsons 3 orë më parë
Phillip Fiorentino
Phillip Fiorentino 4 orë më parë
What about the Redmagic 6 phones? Aren't they making a Redmagic 6R?
Nero Cladius
Nero Cladius 4 orë më parë
My god xiaomi taking the top 3 places, You gotta put some respect on their name
Phillip Fiorentino
Phillip Fiorentino 4 orë më parë
I friggin' love your shirt, my dude! 😂👌🏻
Hamilton Dimaya
Hamilton Dimaya 4 orë më parë
Proud poco f3 user here..😁
Albert K
Albert K 5 orë më parë
thank you for rating these phones. now i know which new to gift myself with.
Joey Wilbur
Joey Wilbur 5 orë më parë
LG needs to stay away from the phone industry.. I have the LG Velvet, but I should have done my research. It's garbage..
Dr. Shyama Prasad Sajankila
Dr. Shyama Prasad Sajankila 5 orë më parë
Hello...I really enjoy your videos. Have a question.... Which smartphone would be great (in the range of 300$ range) with stock android?
Lucas Visser
Lucas Visser 5 orë më parë
@5:49, Damn smooth... How many takes did that one take? XD
BRAGA CAKARA 5 orë më parë
Seems like xiaomi it's getting hi
OWNPEDIA 6 orë më parë
I think huawei are missing
charlie THE ANTiquina
charlie THE ANTiquina 6 orë më parë
What you do them on all that phone you have ? You are collecting future garbage. It's better you give that to your subscribers. Just for then make as their Souvenir for your ALmores channel.
ft_faizy 7 orë më parë
Actually my opinion is that arun deserve more than mkbhd ,guys don't get me worng I like mkbhd too😁 I don't know the count of years but 3/4 + years I am watching Arun's video and not only me we can actually see his each and every effort but the guys who are not subscriber pls do subscribe him that's is what I meant he deserves more than mkbhd or the same because I really like this guy for all the video's he make and actually it's better than a review because of the way he present it and the small comdey parts all that man keep going don't stop ❤️🙌
Ayan 8 orë më parë
Why no iqoo 7
Some unbiased cunt u ignore
Some unbiased cunt u ignore 8 orë më parë
Jesus christ just give away all the phones instead of letting them rot in ur useless collection
Are you player gaming
Are you player gaming 10 orë më parë
Fake audio
Are you player gaming
Are you player gaming 10 orë më parë
Fake plagiarism of Audio of some Korean guy àt gsmarena ...
Lightning 10 orë më parë
Arun: making a video Milo: interrupting dad's video Is my job
How To Amazing
How To Amazing 10 orë më parë
IN THUMBNAIL " iOS in android " 😅
Ryan Kenneth Loste
Ryan Kenneth Loste 12 orë më parë
Good to see this things I can't afford.🙃
Udgey 14 orë më parë
the google pixel 4a price is not accurate. The price starts at 349
md zuha
md zuha 14 orë më parë
The known fact is, he is going to place Xiaomi at top....
Ezechinyereugo ugonna
Ezechinyereugo ugonna 15 orë më parë
Is like Infinix is not sold in your area
eduard niculescu
eduard niculescu 16 orë më parë
Big like, i bay the Redmi 10 pro because of you :D
Raghavendra Talkies
Raghavendra Talkies 17 orë më parë
Bro do a video on (freedom 251 phone) scam
Alex Krause
Alex Krause 17 orë më parë
Where is the Google Pixel 5?
Haytham Ali
Haytham Ali 18 orë më parë
funny photo 15:21
Nduvho Mudzielwana
Nduvho Mudzielwana 18 orë më parë
The fact that SONY didn't make the list makes me cry👁️💧👄💧👁️
myroseaccount 19 orë më parë
What is you view on the potential for the USA to ban Chinese phones?
Thierno 20 orë më parë
14:55 damn if this is the price I might want to buy this phone
XmasCameEarly 20 orë më parë
It depends on what you are looking in a phone, but this is what most people look for is price, camera, screen, and is it worth the money. This video is probably very accurate for all of the above.
Dada Adedamola
Dada Adedamola 20 orë më parë
This guy is so good he's making me comment on ALmores for the first time.
Tanaka Irvine
Tanaka Irvine 21 orë më parë
Can l have 1 phone 🙄
Victor Omatsuli
Victor Omatsuli 21 orë më parë
Want to be a ALmoresr How to be like you?
Itsok1565 dnt cry
Itsok1565 dnt cry 21 orë më parë
How many of those phones do u actually use like could I have one please...?
Love You Zindagi
Love You Zindagi 22 orë më parë
He is so cutee...🔥❤️
Zannat Nohor
Zannat Nohor 23 orë më parë
Android is better
digital asset
digital asset 22 orë më parë
+ 𝟣 𝟨 𝟤 𝟪 𝟤 𝟨 𝟣 𝟣 𝟤 𝟫 𝟧
digital asset
digital asset 22 orë më parë
Send a direct msg Text or What'sapp
Zannat Nohor
Zannat Nohor 23 orë më parë
IPhone 12 Mini is the worst phone in iOS
Zannat Nohor
Zannat Nohor 23 orë më parë
You don't know Samsung Galaxy m31
jian yang
jian yang 23 orë më parë
all chinese phones except iphone 12 pro.
basanta sharma
basanta sharma Ditë më parë
@dr_on_mood:I choose this post cuz it has less comment … I bought my new iphone from japan to Nepal .. it don’t support personal hotspot .. what might be the pblm
digital asset
digital asset 22 orë më parë
+ 𝟣 𝟨 𝟤 𝟪 𝟤 𝟨 𝟣 𝟣 𝟤 𝟫 𝟧
digital asset
digital asset 22 orë më parë
Send a direct msg Text or What'sapp
Chriz Ditë më parë
How about the world smoothest phone red magic 6?
Chandu box
Chandu box Ditë më parë
6:38 no i don't think so.... Ur still wearing ur shorts🤸🏻‍♂️ 😜😅
Perv Taki
Perv Taki Ditë më parë
As for someone who is poor and loves gaming, the Poco F3 is a blessing from God
myroseaccount 21 orë më parë
It is Chinese so no good. It is banned
Kinda ominous
Kinda ominous Ditë më parë
Dude where does the phone come from, heaven?😂😂
Tranzlucent Ditë më parë
How dare you rickroll us on the iPhone segment
Meher Chaithanya 2.0
Meher Chaithanya 2.0 Ditë më parë
I was expecting to see lg wing here.
Zmoney 0514
Zmoney 0514 Ditë më parë
do you donate phones😏
Jittuツ Ditë më parë
Milo was the best phone on the table
Phanindra Thota
Phanindra Thota Ditë më parë
i am a basic user..... for the first time i am switching to ios... iphone 11 or 12 or oneplus 9pro which one i should buy in 2021... i am in confusion.. waiting for your comment
Katsi Dema
Katsi Dema Ditë më parë
Great video Harun. Glad to see xiaomi get the recognition they deserve for their value targeted and all around great devices. But on a sidenote, Milo could have gotten more screen time.
සනු ගරාජ් auto mobil
සනු ගරාජ් auto mobil Ditë më parë
No any huawei
Divyansh Singh
Divyansh Singh Ditë më parë
Why not you're focusing on software . In 2021 software is a major part of the phone.
Πάνος 22 orë më parë
If he did then he would only recommend the iPhone 😂 but no hardware plays a major role too
Revier Alzate
Revier Alzate Ditë më parë
Arun where did you get that shiiiirt? Please do tell
Rehan Ahmed
Rehan Ahmed Ditë më parë
7.5M subs and 50% viewers didnt even subscribed yet 🤯
Wen Mag
Wen Mag Ditë më parë
The draconian cough regionally earn because rainbow neuroanatomically visit apud a rebel flat. helpful, disillusioned throat
Mac Boracay
Mac Boracay Ditë më parë
No folds...flips...or COVID 2019 #FAIL!
Sala Ladner
Sala Ladner Ditë më parë
maybe do most smallest working apple computer
Thelma Galamiton
Thelma Galamiton Ditë më parë
very accurate review ilove it! from philippines💜
Helping Wind・7 years ago
Helping Wind・7 years ago Ditë më parë
Maybe a stupid question, but is the Redmi Note 10 pro much better than iPhone 7?
🇲 🇦 🇭 🇮 🇷
🇲 🇦 🇭 🇮 🇷 Ditë më parë
Can I get the wallpaper link that's used in iPhone 12 Pro Max at 12:40
Aman Chauhan
Aman Chauhan Ditë më parë
Completely Redmi biased review 😂😂
DUE tv
DUE tv Ditë më parë
no SONY xperia 1 iii xperia 3 iii xperia 5iii?
rehman Ch
rehman Ch Ditë më parë
Watching on my Poco f3 😍❤️❤️❤️
Shaikhishaq 4167
Shaikhishaq 4167 Ditë më parë
Please review poco f3
Imode Killz
Imode Killz Ditë më parë
What about huawei?
Mohitbir Singh
Mohitbir Singh Ditë më parë
U said redmi note 10 pro has 108 megapixel camera but actually 10 pro max has it...
Zen Ventzi
Zen Ventzi Ditë më parë
Let's combine "that's the only time I use caseless" with the fact that Mrwhosthebosss now has over 7M subscribers and probably a little more money so not to worry too much about a scratch that could happen to a single phone
Olamgir Sharipov
Olamgir Sharipov Ditë më parë
Why did you not add huawei mate 40 and p 40 pro
Sazzad Shaon
Sazzad Shaon Ditë më parë
With ur recommendation just bought my Poco f3 today.... Hope the journey goes well... Also thanks again for making awesome videos.... Best of luck brother 🐱
Tech Stuff
Tech Stuff Ditë më parë
Hey buddy, you chose a 2020 pixel But u forgot the Samsung s20 FE... That's great today as well...
rocky salonga
rocky salonga Ditë më parë
this video is so diverse, learned alot ! godbless
Selestin Xavier
Selestin Xavier Ditë më parë
Pika Pika
Rudi Muliyono
Rudi Muliyono Ditë më parë
That Milo scenes are just too...
Tejas Ditë më parë
cats are funny
NIKHIL GAMING Ditë më parë
I didn't found iqoo 7
Farhan Ayau
Farhan Ayau Ditë më parë
Proud POCO F3 user noise!
Hasnain Abbas
Hasnain Abbas Ditë më parë
I am unsubscribing you because u r kind of boring now.all of the reviews end the same..
Rafael George
Rafael George Ditë më parë
What about the Sony Xperia 1 II - III???
Nobasha Ditë më parë
Thank you for helping me choose, you saved me a lot of money. I appreciate your video. 🙏🏻😊
Mark Renz Medina
Mark Renz Medina Ditë më parë
wow best review watching phone review, but can't afford😅
A Harry Potter Fan
A Harry Potter Fan Ditë më parë
Where can I get the xiomia mi 11 ultra?
andres han
andres han Ditë më parë
Yeay.. my redmi is number 2. Indeed it's a stupid level of value
Badusha shaik
Badusha shaik Ditë më parë
Super no time waste
Gilbert Ditë më parë
nice comprehensive review, thks
Karina Swan
Karina Swan Ditë më parë
YOU are sophostication. I just ame across this video and the way you do everything - a pleasure to watch and listen 👌. Your wardrobe change made me laugh, we have the same view on creativity. The effort isn't unnoticed! Cute cat 🌞 How come you didn't mention Huawei?
Gaetano Ditë më parë
No Note 20 Ultra? Way better than the S21 Ultra.
FireFox Gamer
FireFox Gamer 4 orë më parë
@Gaetano September 2021 hasn’t happened yet
Gaetano 17 orë më parë
@FireFox Gamer there was a note that came out last September
FireFox Gamer
FireFox Gamer 21 orë më parë
Is that a joke? The note line was discontinued
Ayven Ray
Ayven Ray Ditë më parë
I have a A52 5G this things insane it runs at 120 hz has a amazing 5 camera viewing with tons of features and 128 gig storage expandable so sure it's no 144 hz super phone but it's battery lasts 19 hours with limited use and 10 -15 hours with constant use so I thought at least a B plus would be more fair. Just my opinion no hate keep up the high quality videos! 😃😃
Thaiesha Bishop
Thaiesha Bishop Ditë më parë
Do you share these phones to your fans?🤔
Maj Siddiqui
Maj Siddiqui Ditë më parë
Meow!!! Interrupted by Milo…😸
Maj Siddiqui
Maj Siddiqui Ditë më parë
Thanks for adding humour to your reviews….it’s entertaining. 😊 Loved the tux scene. 😁
Ammar Elbasheer
Ammar Elbasheer Ditë më parë
Rip the timestamps tho
CKW10001 Ditë më parë
No prices with each phone no likely. I am not paying a 1000 euros for any device no matter how much money I have. As that's a rip off.
Larie Manutai
Larie Manutai Ditë më parë
Did he just rickroll us at minute 13!! lol! good one!
Henry VERDIER Jr. Ditë më parë
🗣 Gradually the competition will only be on the #PRICE...because all these different phones in this video, will #SOON be toe to toe/neck to neck when it comes to specifications. With that being said, prices will drop drastically 🤔😏
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