A Fascinating Smartphone Gadget.

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The insta360 GO 2 is one of the most curious Smartphone Gadgets I've ever tested: www.insta360.com/sal/go_2?insrc=INRMMYI
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Mrwhosetheboss 2 muaj më parë
If you've watched the full video - Curious what you think to a future where everyone's recording everything 👀 For my last video discussing sponsored videos, earnings and other ALmoresr stuff: almores.info/rock/video/3ouit6Fppbpmfag
A Bloke From Stoke
A Bloke From Stoke 2 ditë më parë
@Hagen P thanks
Hagen P
Hagen P 2 ditë më parë
@A Bloke From Stoke The Insta360 website says 90 minutes, in a review on the 'net I saw something like 1h20m.
A Bloke From Stoke
A Bloke From Stoke 4 ditë më parë
Not sure if I missed it, but I didn't catch how long you can record between charges on it.
Hagen P
Hagen P 5 ditë më parë
I wonder if we are not closer to this than we think - maybe not recording with cameras, but with WiFi routers and other devices, indirectly tracking us with more sensors than we imagine. Microphones, automatic lights, mobile phones contacting BlueTooth devices and WiFi beacons. If you connect and fuse everything 'smart' IoT, then you have already a large coverage and deep penetration into private life.
archipiratta 21 ditë më parë
I think a future of constant recording is a terrible one indeed. Not a fan. It's bad enough with CCTV everywhere. Just feels intrusive
Azumaru 17 orë më parë
I am really curious how the audio quality is, if it sounds pretty high quality or cell phone-like or if you're talking through a tin can...?
Garry Reyom
Garry Reyom Ditë më parë
I just got the GoPro Hero 9, and I do like it a lot
John Stilwell
John Stilwell Ditë më parë
Not a one of these review videos tells you how long the thing runs before it needs recharged or how much video before it runs out of space.
Jackson 2 ditë më parë
my guy sent so much shade at Pokémon gen 8 that the dark types were permanently buffed in the games
stringerb1212 2 ditë më parë
love the video
MalakhiRox 3 ditë më parë
i love all the that’s what she said jokes in ur videos 😂
Creator Of Creations
Creator Of Creations 3 ditë më parë
So if i record myself breaking this with diffrent ways. Will it auto edit it with music so its a funni music video?
KamiTurtleGaming 4 ditë më parë
Honestly this is such a great device, and it definitely seems worth the price, you're getting editing software with it and so much versatility
Elfrieda Abia
Elfrieda Abia 5 ditë më parë
Laughed at all your jokes and puns...your influence is on point. Already including this in my June tech budget. 🙌❤
Jasper Ver Heyen
Jasper Ver Heyen 5 ditë më parë
Aamzing gadget. Thank you for the video. I was waiting for battery life... Don’t forget to mention that the next time ;-)
MR.random57 5 ditë më parë
Get saved by jesus si then you can go to heaven
Hagen P
Hagen P 5 ditë më parë
For Insta360: Impressive product. For the features and the demonstrated video quality, it does not seem overpriced. And this is but a 'hobby' product for you guys. Amazing! For me, there is but one catch that keeps me from placing an order, and that is the battery. It is rechargeable. Can I replace it? Probably not. And then I will have to throw away your product in about three to five years. Not good for the planet. Yes, there are special uses that will justify this. But not for a hobby camera. And the battery has to be small. How long does it last? 90 minutes? Four hours? Two days? Will it run out of juice when I need it? Probably. Technology is not advanced enough. Yet. The best camera is the one you can have always with you. Check. That works when you need it to. Question mark.
Antoine Fox
Antoine Fox 6 ditë më parë
*It gives you everything the sensor sees* *my imagination: Alr now im gonna buy this, look at an image of a mansion then spawn it on my lawn.
nightisanidiot 6 ditë më parë
So sus
Dustin Poissant
Dustin Poissant 7 ditë më parë
But does it shoot 360? Seems like it should from the name, but yet it doesn't appear to.
Rahul Yandra
Rahul Yandra 7 ditë më parë
Love you're vids and channel!
Dr Dean Kos
Dr Dean Kos 7 ditë më parë
how long does it last in full hd vid mode ?
Mr_McD0nald 7 ditë më parë
I dont need it But I want it Aand why the price up to 420$ from 299$..!?
BionicOne1 7 ditë më parë
Mate please change your Tennis grip! Thanks for the great review
Caio Torres
Caio Torres 8 ditë më parë
"you can strap it on you cap and get this really elevated above head perspective" My mind: POV PR0N
Ezy Mic Gaming
Ezy Mic Gaming 8 ditë më parë
4:43 "that's what she said" god I love this man's sense of humor!😂😂
Finck off
Finck off 8 ditë më parë
"What if you could record every minute of your life no matter where you are?" . in my case it would be like a boring movie from some obscure iranian director 😐
Nails 8 ditë më parë
thicccc boiii
Pikachu:3 8 ditë më parë
as a Pokémon fan I can confirm that fact lmao
Ancap Doomer
Ancap Doomer 8 ditë më parë
sold!!!!! just bought one halfway through the video.
jackvincent90 8 ditë më parë
if you dont need to keep it in your pocket, then where does it go, on a lanyard? its a wireless camera, that is good, so good for it, wooooo
Pablo Maidana
Pablo Maidana 8 ditë më parë
That actually sounds like a, extremely very fair price for what that is
ok 9 ditë më parë
3:09 interesting angle
BlackWing88 Cyper
BlackWing88 Cyper 9 ditë më parë
@3:11 that looks like the my only fans camera view that twitch streamers USE XD LOL
ANURAG TYAGI 9 ditë më parë
One of the best and practical camera for vloging ig ❤️
jun 9 ditë më parë
Hello Punpun.
Odinaka Nwachuku
Odinaka Nwachuku 9 ditë më parë
What's the storage capacity please?
Bo Li
Bo Li 10 ditë më parë
£300 your choosing violence I see! Well you win!😭
Swatpand_a 10 ditë më parë
The gadget in the thumbnail is looking kinda sussy
Athrun000 10 ditë më parë
A part of me wanted this; another part of me knows that I'm a boring person so I probably has nothing note worthy to record :(
Blaze Streaming
Blaze Streaming 10 ditë më parë
this camera has better quality than my phone
Erick Nova
Erick Nova 10 ditë më parë
I think this will open the gate for smartphone cameras to become better
zach moyer
zach moyer 10 ditë më parë
*shows camera* thicc boi 💀💀💀💀💀💀
Jan Zapanta
Jan Zapanta 10 ditë më parë
Get it? Go 2? No? ...ok 😂
Jacek Piterow
Jacek Piterow 11 ditë më parë
Wonder if it could stream and be used as security device when doing so...
why am i doing in my life?
why am i doing in my life? 13 ditë më parë
abhi nand
abhi nand 14 ditë më parë
Hey is it go for all degree 's? Help me out
MAHENDRA KUMAR 14 ditë më parë
i am going to buy insta 360 go 500000 when it comes out in 50000000 years later
Deepti Singh
Deepti Singh 14 ditë më parë
Are u smol tree
Jibi 15 ditë më parë
Abdou Mahdi
Abdou Mahdi 15 ditë më parë
كريم السيد
Collins Ashu
Collins Ashu 15 ditë më parë
Hi Aaron, my name is Collins and am writing from Dubai I have some money to buy a phone but am confused on which mobile I can buy with this money, btw s20FE and s10plus, which should I buy???? Interms of performance, Camara and battery!
GreatGamerHi 10 ditë më parë
S20 FE is every geek's choice and I like the FE
Ömer YILMAZ 16 ditë më parë
I wonder how many gigs of storage it has
Gary Z
Gary Z 16 ditë më parë
Sounded like an honest, albeit polite, genuine critique of the camera, which is very interesting, indeed. I can see us all using these things in the not too distant future.
Darío Palacios
Darío Palacios 16 ditë më parë
I watched the video twice, because your so freaking good explaining and your point of view as well your perspective, is highly appreciated
Ginto Sakata
Ginto Sakata 17 ditë më parë
this thing seems like its from Balck Mirror episode
WARRIOR FF 17 ditë më parë
What is your nationality bro ?
Remyboiy 17 ditë më parë
Dominik Bójko
Dominik Bójko 17 ditë më parë
kinda dissapointing you didn't mention there's no expandable storage and that the internal storage can only hold about 20 minutes of footage ngl :/
E L 17 ditë më parë
After this Review, they'll listen to you, and bring back the interval picture taking!
JAckSOn321 18 ditë më parë
its $300!!!!!!!
Männer Kanal tip top
Männer Kanal tip top 19 ditë më parë
Wie geil ist diese Kamera 📷 denn 😃 wow die werde ich kaufen.
yung.fillipa 19 ditë më parë
if i was a smartphone company id colaborate with this brand and create a phone w a good a** cam
BASIT Fixes 20 ditë më parë
I need this for my bike
Dan Dan
Dan Dan 20 ditë më parë
3:15 I kinda need that.
WOLFZXGAMIN 20 ditë më parë
Congrats on 7 Million
Beverly Brandes
Beverly Brandes 21 ditë më parë
why does the thumbnail look like mkbhd
Top Top
Top Top 22 ditë më parë
I swear I'll stop playing video games. I already can't stand paying a monthly subscription fee just to play online.
Em'Z 007
Em'Z 007 22 ditë më parë
Can i use this for videocalls?
Samuel Davila
Samuel Davila 22 ditë më parë
The tripod made me smile
sahab khan
sahab khan 22 ditë më parë
This is strange for some reason youtube unsubscribed your content. Has this happened before and happy early congratulations on 7million subs
GreatGamerHi 23 ditë më parë
I am sure that the Apple copycat version would be like $2,000
Lasse Niclas Mengel
Lasse Niclas Mengel 24 ditë më parë
Ich benötige diesen qualitativ hochwertigen Artikel
Nimali Dilanka
Nimali Dilanka 24 ditë më parë
We did not get rick rolled
GreatGamerHi 23 ditë më parë
Because this is sponsored
DrivenFromHeaven 25 ditë më parë
Ah yes, *THE BEAN*
bcoletay 26 ditë më parë
Love the comical comments. Keep the vids up. Fantastic work. Want one of these to go with my planned fold 2
Haji Ibrahim
Haji Ibrahim 26 ditë më parë
This is how joyner's 'keep it 100' was shot😂
Karina Alice
Karina Alice 28 ditë më parë
Hey bro, here in the Philippines the s20 cost 620$ because of the taxes and all and the Samsung galaxy s20 fe cost 570$. Both phone has snapdragon 865. I want to know if I should get the s20 one? is it a lot worth it? well I can surely afford the 620$ but all i want is for me to get the best phone in this price point. I hope you respond. Thanks
GreatGamerHi 23 ditë më parë
I don't think he will reply you but I prefer the normal S20
Tariq Daud
Tariq Daud 28 ditë më parë
Have the go 1
Jake weeramanthri
Jake weeramanthri 29 ditë më parë
Daniel Gutierrez
Daniel Gutierrez 29 ditë më parë
So is the right cam to record onlyfans videos in the shower... cool
The Wannabe Geek
The Wannabe Geek 29 ditë më parë
4:43 Love the on screen flash up here!!! 😂😂😂 Well Done, very cheeky! 😂😂😂
Vojtech Vales
Vojtech Vales Muaj më parë
i want this camera it is so cool for 300dolars
william griffiths
william griffiths Muaj më parë
I knew i recognised you from somewhere! when i saw the square in the video! mmm wonder where i know you from :P
LED operator
LED operator Muaj më parë
Awesome tech!
Alassan saine
Alassan saine Muaj më parë
Road to 7mil
Mohammed Safiuddin Ahmed
Mohammed Safiuddin Ahmed Muaj më parë
Amazing👍 Love ur english. Really a great channel
Jere Guo
Jere Guo Muaj më parë
Plot twist: the company paid him to say "part of the agreement was, I get to say what I want"
Aditri Shukla
Aditri Shukla Muaj më parë
Versatilizando Muaj më parë
oh my god, I need that so much! I even paused the video to check if it was an april 1st joke lol That was too awesome!
Caeden Muaj më parë
Put the lens protector on!
Mortophobe:Gaming Muaj më parë
permanently filming everything, reminds me of that emma watson movie, the circle. if i had an audience i would stream a twitch stream called "twitch plays mortophobe" where the viewers get to make my choices for me xD
Abdulkader Khojema
Abdulkader Khojema Muaj më parë
2:22 - "...not feeling like holding the phone in front of my face to capture what's happening" 6:50 - "The best way of recording is via your phone" 🤡
Gova Murali
Gova Murali Muaj më parë
Is it waterproof?
B4D-W0LF Muaj më parë
Good Genuine "OOH SHINY"
Sam Cannon
Sam Cannon Muaj më parë
The thing is its 300 usd
callum elmes
callum elmes Muaj më parë
Dose mrwhostheboss always where shorts 😂😂🤣🤣😂😂
The Frog
The Frog Muaj më parë
But is still 360° ?
Floris _
Floris _ Muaj më parë
Where xan i buy it. Sign me up
Steve Demir
Steve Demir Muaj më parë
This made me fall in love with this product. Sponsored content win.
stephen von crven
stephen von crven Muaj më parë
anyone knows what chair is it?
STTA Muaj më parë
MyLiveTube Muaj më parë
uidsea Muaj më parë
This thing could revolutionize porn, just saying...
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